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Digital Marketing Agencies Try to Do Too Much.

The industry is clogged with companies that over-promise and under-deliver. This is becoming a huge issue that many of our clients have dealt with, leaving them with a sour taste in their mouth and less money in their pocket. We refuse to be a company that sacrifices quality for more business. What we will do, is earn your trust and deliver premium products. Here at Sterling LeadGen, we take a simple approach – provide a customer-oriented experience that focuses on excellence in 3 main areas:

Professional Website Design

We create beautiful adaptive websites that look great on any device. Whether you are in the market for a landing page or a full redesign of a current site, we produce eye-catching and customer-engaging results.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

In any business niche, maximizing visibility on search engines is paramount. We know exactly what Google ranks websites for and are masterfully trained at reengineering your site according to their algorithms.

Lead Generation Services

Using our unique and proven lead generation technique, we create additional sources of customers from every area you service. We supplement your existing website to keep the phone ringing.

SEO and Online Marketing for the 21st Century

Getting leads online is not the same as it once was. Search engines are constantly changing and evolving and your optimization should evolve with them. Customers are constantly using mobile to search and your websites should adapt to their device. Whether you are a small business looking to grow your web presence or you are a regional brand seeking to expand, Sterling LeadGen provides services designed to improve your website aesthetics, maximize your search visibility, and/or drive additional customers your way.

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We will review your current website and let you know where you can start making the most immediate impact. If you need online leads, we can show you how to get them.

Website Design Services

In order to build a thriving business in the 21st century, it first demands a strong web presence and a visually appealing website. Not only must your website look good on a computer, but on every mobile device it’s opened on. This impacts user experience and acts as yet another metric in the Google ranking algorithm. Our team can develop a beautiful, responsive site that acts as your home base for customers to reach you. With prominent placement of phone numbers, contact forms, and social pages, we can help get any business looking to expand their online presence off on the right foot.

SEO and Website Design Columbus for local small businesses to generate leads

SEO Services

SEO stands for search engine optimization – in other words, how well your website will perform and be visible in the search results. In 2020, Google owns nearly 90% of the search engine market share. This means that if your website isn’t tuned to operate seamlessly on Google, you are missing the mark. How do you know what Google is looking for in a website? That is where we come in. Our team of online marketing professionals reverse engineer every metric that Google assigns value to in their search algorithms. SEO companies are not one size fits all. Results vary SIGNIFICANTLY from one to another. We are a team dedicated to outperforming and outlasting your competition in every single metric, and are seasoned experts at getting businesses more leads. Get your free website analysis now to see where Sterling LeadGen could help your company improve search visibility today.

Digital Marketing Simplified

Most of the marketing agencies out there will offer a smorgasbord of different services at a “premium quality” for every customer. That is not only untruthful, but simply not feasible. At Sterling LeadGen, we don’t do anything average, but rather a few things excellent. We offer a number of other services a la carte, but maintain that the bread and butter of SEO and lead generation in and of themselves can take your business to the next level. As a result, our clients get straight forward services and predictable results. We were built on integrity and communication at the core. Customers have referred to our marketing agency as a “diamond in the rough”. 

SEO and Digital Marketing Columbus to help get leads online through online marketing

We Work Smarter, Not Harder

In order to rank at the top of the search engine listings, gain more foot traffic, and generate real leads, consider this analogy.

Two men are exploring on an African safari when a lion approaches them and begins to charge. The first man frantically turns and runs in the opposite direction without another thought. The second takes a moment to consider the situation and reacts by stripping off all of the heavy equipment and cameras first before running. Although he started second, he will certainly overtake the first man and escape.

Sterling LeadGen takes this exact approach when considering the competition in any geographic location or niche. We strategically analyze each and every factor that is contributing to the top sites ranking and reverse engineer our plan of attack. This search engine optimization strategy in a local market leads to the holy grail of SEO: a top 3 Google Map Pack listing and a page one organic ranking.

Our Strategy

Local SEO Website Ranking Services in Columbus Ohio

Survey the Competition

Using a non-biased search approach (cleared cache, cleared history, private browsing page, etc.) we identify the lay of the land as it would first appear to a customer. The top companies in local search are generating the most leads, revenue, and business in that market. The top 3 spots in the “map pack” are prime real estate for any company.

You may find that the top three in the Google map listing often correlate with the organic search results. Considering the main metric Google uses to determine map pack rankings are organic ranking, well-done sites can capture two spots at once.

Backlinking using SEO strategy and advertising agency to improve online marketing
Using backlinks and seo marketing to improve website ranking and perform seo optimization

Reverse Engineer What Works​

When all is said and done, the Google search engine is a computer algorithm that is created to analyze specific metrics on each and every website across the internet. No matter the company or number of employees, a business website ranking is determined through the same group of metrics as anyone else. 

One of the most influential ranking metrics is the quantity and quality of backlinks. Think of a backlink as a “vote” by one website for another. Using professional and industry-leading SEO tools, we are able to see behind the curtain of any site. Our work is truly cut out for us.

You may find that the top three in the Google map listing often correlate with the organic search results. Considering the main metric Google uses to determine map pack rankings are organic ranking, well-done sites can capture two spots at once.

Backlinks and SEO Services for Local Small Business to Generate Leads

Winning in Every Single Metric.​

This is where the rubber of SEO services meets the road. The quality and relevancy of backlinks that Sterling LeadGen is able to build for our clients sets us apart from other digital marketing agencies. Our targeted approach to launching sites into success isn’t based around personal preference – it is solely on Google algorithms.

For years backlinks were a numbers game. Regardless of which website was linking to yours, having more was better. Things have drastically changed since then and 2020 demands a higher level of expertise. No longer will adding thousands of spam links do your site any good. In fact, Google decided to penalize the ranking of those that do.

Quality Over Quantity

Sterling LeadGen brings the most influential and highest quality links directly to your site. We know search engine optimization is critical to your website ranking. As such, we don’t outsource what we do. To ensure that the most important aspects of SEO are done right, it must be done in-house. You won’t find that in the industry.

Once a competitor is in our sights, it is simply a matter of time before we arrive on the scene and outrank them. Give us a call today or request a demo to find out what our services can do for your business.

Sterling and his team have been successful implementing three different campaigns for me so far in the last few months. I turn to him for the creation of new websites that are designed to gain traction and engagement for various audiences and I love the results so far. I am genuinely pleased with the design and he has a penchant for writing which I can appreciate because the text is articulated very well even from the initial drafts.  He is always eager to put in the work and the end result is a website that converts and attracts new prospects whom I can sell my services to.  His function flawlessly despite whether they are viewed on a tablet, smartphone or a laptop…  thanks for the professionalism.  I would continue to recommend Sterling to my colleagues and my friends because he never lets us down.

Chris Carbone

VP Business Development, Renew Restoration, LLC

Chris Carbone Renew Restoration

About Sterling LeadGen

My name is Sterling Harpst and I am a registered pharmacist in the state of Ohio and the Founder of Sterling LeadGen, LLC. Our business operates under a pay for performance model, meaning we are often more results-focused than others in the industry. Our team has taken numerous different sites to #1 in their local ranking across the country and that number continues to grow as you read this.

I have a passion for helping businesses grow, graphic design, and website optimization. My training in search engine optimization, keyword research and backlink embedding has come from the best in the business. The skillset I have acquired can and will take your business to the next level in the competitive digital age we live in. As a small business owner, you simply don’t have the time to invest into building out a multiple-site lead generation network. Let me do it for you and watch the results speak for themselves. I look forward to an opportunity to show you the value we can bring you and your business.

Owner of Sterling LeadGen SEO Services
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